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Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Just So You Know

When my great-grandson was around six or seven, he would come to me and say, “Just so you know,” and then tell me about his latest computer game or TV show and what the characters were doing. So I’m stealing that line from him.

I’m sure I have felt the same emotions that all of you have felt during this strange, profound time. However, I have decided to begin looking at events in a more positive way. I believe this chaotic time is forcing us to stop, reflect, look honestly at ourselves and, hopefully grow. I read somewhere that our species is actually evolving. Lordy, lordy, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

I feel a little more positive every day. Not because of the news, but because of the people I’m hearing or reading about. There are so many good souls out there. Many are going through difficult times and are trying to understand what it is that they are supposed to learn. I admire that.

I’m doing the same and have come up with a few lessons for myself. I’m working on not worrying about others but rather praying for them. I’ve stopped going to the worse-case scenario and what I will do if . . . .  And I’m choosing to surrender and trust. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Each of us has his or her own lessons, as well as, the potential to grow maybe even evolve.

Wanted to update those of you who have been reading my blogs on where I am at the moment.

Just so you know.

Posted by libbygrandy at 12:04 PM EDT

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